Pink Light: An Impromptu Floral Frolic Amidst October’s End

A colorful rush of vibrant toned surroundings, luke warm wisps accompanied by waves of frigid moments, is what one could traditionally describe as the “typical” October weather scenario. To our surprise, we were less than delighted with a tsunami of harsh forces and the tingling, growing numb fingers to pair it with. Our color palette could be showcased as a pseudo mix of antiqued jeweled hues and pastel creams. Surprise is an understatement, we were more or less frozen from our fingers to our toes; the weather channel had led us down a black tunnel once again. Luckily, my model ran with it and gave me exactly what she was feeling in the most model-esque of ways. Not only were we able to embrace the sun’s wrath and make light our main attraction, but we also got to throw in an odd array of ordinary places, paired with an unfamiliar beauty among both withering and lifeless florals to add as sidekicks to our impromptu escapade. The result: pink light, a couture portrayal, and the juxtaposition of light + airy meets vintage moody.

Special thanks to:

Flourish Flowers (East Earl, PA) for our backdrop and beautiful minimalist bouquet!



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